Sampford IXL - ERP Integration, ECommerce, Point of Sales

ERP Intergation to increase sales

Produced by the digital agency, we built the back end technology for a point of sales platform to allow major Australian retailers to sell Sampford IXL's core brands Neff, Cannon and IXL to consumers via tablets and PCs.

The job required deep integration with SIXL's enterprise resource planning software Axapta. This was combined with Umbraco content management system for rich text editing and image management.

Before this solution SIXL was selling its products to retailers via paper based forms. These were not up to date and did not allow for many sales processes to occur. With the direct solution, retailers can quickly find products they are selling and add them to a shopping basket in store on request of the customer. Customers can make complete or partial payments or they can create quotes which can later be turned into orders.

Because the system is integrated with the ERP, sales are tracked for each customer, sales representative and store. Customer data is centralised. Specials, accessories, recommended products and promotions can be marketed effectively without having to re-enter data as all information was sourced from the ERP. None of this was possible with the paper based system.

The front end for the website was developed by We did the backend, content management and technical consulting with SIXL's project managers and software development staff.

The result has increased operational efficiency, decreased costs and improved customer retention levels.

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