WooCommerce Hike POS Plugin to Improve Synchronisation


Hike is a point of sales system that comes with a plugin that keeps it synchronised with a WooCommerce installation. Recently we had a client that founds some problems with the sync. Unfortunately, it didn't always occur and skipped some synchronisations. This caused awful problems for those managing the WooCommerce shop. Quantities on the website did not match quantities in the store meaning customers could buy items that were not available.

To fix the issue we created a custom synchroniser. This polls Hike and looks for changes in products and orders via the Hike API. It does this four time an hour just in case Hike may be down or nor responding at a particular instant. It then sends these changes to a custom WooCommerce plugin we wrote that ensures those product quantities are updated. In essence, we are quadrupling the amount of Hike WooCommerce synchronisation that occurred previously. 

The solution works and seems to detect issues about once a day.