Use Gift Cards To Increase Online Sales


There's good reason major brands create physical gift cards.

Drummond Golg gift card Myer gift card Woolworths gift card Professional nail gift card

Gift cards are a simple way to increase online sales. And with WooCommerce gift cards, you don't need to print physical gift cards, you can use virtual gift cards on your E-commerce website. Luckily gift cards are easy to install.

There are three ways gift cards increase sales on e-Commerce websites, let's look at how.

Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, gift cards are used by customers to buy presents for their loved ones, friends and family. So if you don't offer gift cards in your online store you are losing a potential purchase for that thoughtful person who wants to make their loved one happy. 

Now, and this is where it gets interesting, most customers who have a gift card rarely spend the exact value of the card. Some will spend less than the card and never use up the difference. Others will purchase an extra item just to make up the value of the card. So in both cases, you make either more money or more sales than if the customer had come into your shop to buy a single item!

To maximise the likelihood of a gift card purchase, it is important to put an experience around it. For instance, if you were selling foot massages, make sure the button to buy the card and the card itself have an enticing design.

[design required - coming soon]

To further enhance the offer, separate the gift cards into bronze, silver and gold.

[design required - coming soon]

One final thing, when you set up gift cards, make sure you add both the buyer and the receiver to your email marketing system.