Migrating WordPress Chargify Subscriptions to WooCommerce


Chargify is a WordPress plugin that allows you to charge your users when they wish to view selected content. Recently, the startup www.theconstantinvestor.com asked us if we could migrate the Chargify users to WooCommerce. The key was to ensure the users' subscriptions remained valid and automated billing continued without users having to be contacted or re-enter their details. This was a challenge – how do you migrate live users from one billing system to the other and automatically preserve their billing?

We wrote code that managed this transfer process and successfully imported thousands of users and their subscriptions. The key was that the payment provider, in this case PinPayments, was not changing. That meant the customers' credit cards, stored as tokens, could be migrated.

The code we wrote could be extended to other payment providers like Stripe.

If you need a WordPress migration, please contact us, this is just one of the many integrations we have done.