How To Choose An Office


Never Lease An Office If

  • People live there.
  • There is any kind of smell.
  • There is no air conditioning. Note that the air conditioning must be ducted into your room, not be on the other side of the building.
  • The carpet has tears or major stains.
  • Lights dont work.
  • There is a strict no music policy and a contract will be signed enforcing this.
  • You can sub let.
  • There a strict no music policy.
  • Always check with existing tenants that the place has decent air conditioning, don't rely on the seller to convince you it has.
  • Interview tenants about what they don't like about the place.
  • Is there a strict no music policy?
  • Is there solid sound insulation between rooms?

Nice To Knows

  • If possible, check the place in the afternoon after a succession of hot days to check the effectiveness of air conditioning.
  • Check the place on a cool day to see if there is any heating.
  • If there are no windows that open, the place must be extremely well ventilated.
  • If there is a shared internet connection then is there an outgoing mail server?
  • You can sub let.
  • You can add new carpet.


Sign this contract with the tenant:

We will be leasing this office from ... to .... We understand that the terms of the lease mean:

  • No person shall be allowed to lease here who will be using these rooms as a permanent residence.
  • All lights will be fixed prior to us moving in.
  • There is a strict no music policy amongst other offices.
  • We can sub let if required.
  • We can add air conditioning (if needed) on the roof/by sticking a hole through the window etc.
  • You can add new carpet.
  • There will be no more than (x) persons in this shared room