Australian Road Research Board


We have helped automate the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) through numerous digital solutions.

  • An extensible content management system that has allowed the addition of numerous mobules over a period of time.

  • Publications system and document portal to improve customer engagement. We built a system to allow the management of journal based publications that are made available to paid subscribers. Customer login was automated where possible by IP recogniation to avoid the manual process of logging in.
  • Webinar system to reduce the costs of using other software. ARRB broadcast webinars on various issues surrounding road research and development. They wanted users to be able to categorise these webinars, create reminders for them and charge for them in multiple ways. This was originally handled by an event management system but costs were too high, the pricing they wanted was unachievable and there was no security on the wbeinar system to stop unauthenticated access. Our solution increased revenues, removed security issues and integrated their operations.

  • These solutions were achieved via extensions to our content management system over a relationship that's been build since 2009.


Yart’s CMS is so much easier to use. It’s intuitive to add pages, pictures are resized automatically, search engine optimisation fields are all there and I don’t spend hours navigating that backend when I want to do something.