Technologies To Improve Your Business Website


Here are the trends in website development that will help your business get more customers in 2016:

1. Real time web apps. What's are they you ask? Websites typically show new data only when you refresh the browser. But in real time apps new data is displayed without you touching the keyboard at all. You have probably seen thisĀ  in eBay when bids increase without you touching the screen. The technology to achieve this functionality is becoming widespread in application frameworks like

2. Fast websites are sexy and they give you better Google search engine optimization. Your business will rank higher if it is faster. Technologies like javascrip, css and image minification allow the various bits that make up your website to be squeezed into tiny containers that are faster to download.

3. For more speed still , websites are being reflected on multiple servers around the world so they are incredibly fast to download. And these services are cheap with providers like

4. Account registration or signing up to a website can be handled by users joining through Facebook, Google or any other social media login. No longer do users have to create yet another username and password that's soon to be forgotten.

5. Animation is back and can be achieved with a host of technologies:

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