Sending Newsletters using MailBuild


This tutorial shows you how to create and send Newsletters using MailBuild.

  1. Login to your MailBuild (eg. using the CMS username and password.
  2. Click on a client
    Click on Create a new campaign
  3. Fill in the Campaign Name, Subject, From Name, Email and Reply-To, then click Next
  4. Select a template under "Use one of my templates" and click Next.
  5. You will be presented with the template, editable to allow you to build the Newsletter here.
  6. To add an image: Click on the grey image placeholder, then Browse for the image. If you don't want to put an image, leave it as it is.
    To edit text/paragraph: Click on the pencil icon.
    To remove the orange highlight text, edit it (by clicking on the pencil icon) then delete the text.
    To preview the newsletter at anytime, click "Preview email" on the top right corner.
  7. When you finish adding content, click "Preview email" on the top right corner.
    It will show you a preview of what the recipients will get on their email.
  8. If you are happy with the preview, click Define recipients on the top right corner.
  9. Select a subscriber list to send to, then click Next
    You will see the summary view.

  10. (If you leave halfway during previous steps, MailBuild automatically saves a "draft" of the half-done newsletter for you. The next time you log in you can select a draft and you will see this summary view.)
    Here you can edit all the details you have entered in the previous steps.
  11. Click "Test and define delivery".
  12. We will only use the "Manual test" here (not worrying about "Complete design and spam test").
    On this screen type in or select your email address(es) and click "Send the test email"
    Check your email to see how the newsletter looks in your inbox(es) (eg. on Outlook, hotmail, etc)
  13. If you are not happy, you can go back to previous steps by clicking on the Previous button.
    If you are happy, click Next.
  14. On the last screen you can choose to send the newsletter immediately or schedule it.
    Type in your email on this screen to get a link to the report.