Removing gamma information from PNG


A PNG image file can contain gamma information, that makes it look weird on IE.

To remove extra information from a PNG file and compress it, download the file below, and extract it to C:\Programs\PNGCrush.

(You may extract it to a different location but you must also change the path in the .bat file)

Then add it to Explorer shell context menu:

  1. On Windows Explorer, go to Tools - Folder Options
  2. Go to File Types tab
  3. Find PNG
  4. Click Advanced
  5. Create a new action:
    Action: Crush
    Application: "C:\Programs\PNGCrush\crush.bat" "%1"
  6. Now you can right click a PNG file and select Crush

Note: crush.bat overwrites your PNG file. If you want to be safe, make a backup before crushing it.