How To Rank Number 1 In Google


We currently rank No 1 for search term Umbraco developer Melbourne .  Here's a 5 minute tutorial to allow you to rank highly in Google too.

1. Pick a specific search term comprising multiple words. It would be very hard to rank well for something as general as "content" or "Melbourne" so we chose "Umbraco developer Melbourne".

2. Make sure the title tag of your website incorporates the search term:

3. Create a H1 heading that contains the search term "Melbourne Content Management". The H1 tag is meant to be your most important heading on the page.

4. In the meta keywords tag of the HTML add keywords that contains the search term:

meta name="keywords" content="Melbourne Content Management, content management, cms, e-commerce, SEO, mobile web, email campaigns, website development, programming, technology partner, designers, graphic designers"

Don't use more than 25 keywords as Google may penalise your site.

5. In the meta description tag of the HTML create a description that contains these words:

meta name="description" content="We build websites, Flash, content management systems and database applications for designers in Melbourne."

This is the description people see when your page appears in Google results.

6. Try and mention your keywords ar least three times in general text on your home page.

6. If you have other phrases you'd like to optimise you can use the same apporach on other pages in your website.

7. Wait. Google uses many criteria to control search rank and one of them is the degree of change of your home page.

8. This approach will give you a good basic rank. If you want to do better, add content in your website that specifically addresses these keywords. 

This is a simplified method that could obtain you great search results. However, if you need more thorough SEO you would be well advised to start a targeted campaign with our tools.

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