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Resources / Umbraco Tips And Tricks / Installing Umbraco on Windows XP With IIS 5
Installing Umbraco on Windows XP With IIS 5

by Petras Surna

After installing locally, add the library AntiXSSLibrary.dll to the bin directory. This should be used whenever saving data in C# from a form eg

string x = Microsoft.Security.Application.AntiXss.HtmlEncode(name)

x will have characters causing an XSS attack encoded.

Note this should also be used in Razor.

The latest version of the DLL can be found here

Or you can use the one in the zip file below which was downloaded April 2011.

To use the library, add a reference to your project locally. ftp-ing the dll's will include the reference.

Dont foret to configure email in web.config

network host=""

Installation On A Windows 2008 Server

by Petras Surna

1. Don't forget to configure email in web.config

network host=""

2. Configure where the email is sent from in umbracosettings.config under notifications/email

3. Change umbracoUseDirectoryUrls to true in web.config

4. Change addTrailingSlash to false in umbracoSettings.config

5. Change Umbraco debug mode to false in web.config as it slows the site down.

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