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Resources / Umbraco Tips And Tricks / Install A UserControl In The Dashboard
Install A UserControl In The Umbraco Dashboard

by Petras Surna

The Dashboard is what you see when you log into Umbraco:

by Petras Surna

It is very easy to add to this. Create a UserControl and perhaps watch this video first if you don't know how to do that.

Make sure the UserControl does not have a form in it with runat="server"

Next open dashboard.config in the config directory and:

  • Add your control to the XML in the section with the alias StartupDashboardSection
  • And delete the other dashboard controls in this section. As of version 4.6, adding a control here conflicted with one of these other controls so it had to be deleted. This help was written for version 4.7 so maybe that bug was fixed in versions 4.8 and later.

by Petras Surna

And you should see your control when you refresh:

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