Google Search In ABC


Here are the basics of adding Google search to your website in ABC

  1. Ring the client and ask them to pay for Google site search. Alternatively, email them as follows:

    I need you to set up a Google account to enable Google Search on your website.
    This is a service you will renew annually.
    The instructions to do this are below. Please have your credit card details handy.
    Please call me if you have any questions.

    This is how to purchase Google Site Search for your website:
    1. Go to
    2. If you already have a Google account for the website, login as that account.
      Otherwise, to create a new account:
    3. Fill in the "basic information" (we can edit these later for you) and follow the instructions (you can skip the "Try it out" part)
    4. There will be a point where you need to enter credit card information. For your site Google costs USD 100 annually.
    5. Send us the account email and password for this Google Site Search so we can implement it on your website

  2. There is a file called google_search.aspx on the root folder of every project. This is how to use it
    protected void btSearch_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)
       Response.Redirect(AppPath + "google_search.aspx?search=" + HttpUtility.UrlEncode(tbSearch.Text));
  3. Then open google_search.aspx.cs and modify code in the "Modifiable" regions.
  4. After the client purchase Google search, login to, manage my search engine and go to the Control Panel.
  5. Check Basics, Sites and Business account.
  6. Under Indexing, submit a sitemap, which should be generated automatically by ABC at admin/temp/sitemap.xml
    (Follow the instruction to submit a sitemap, you have to add a site first and put a blank HTML file on it)
  7. Under Advanced, add annotations feed, which should be generated automatically by ABC at admin/temp/GoogleExcludeAnnotations.xml
  8. Modify the label on admin\custom_functions\files_for_custom_function_include\google_search_functions.asp (search for ***)

When you launch the website you need to replace the URL in Google Custom Search to the live website's address. This means the website search will appear to have no results until Google indexes the website. Indexing takes 24 hours.

Repeat steps 5-7 to achieve indexing of the live website.